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Affiliated companies

Aidco Press

AIDCO Press is performing with the aim of press parts and collections required for automotive manufacturers and related industried and effective present in goal markets with special and faithful and knowledge base human resources by research, development and using internal and external resources and capacities and regarding to experiential management on strategic thought base in concerned profits and increasemnt in internal added value.

Company products include every kind of press collections and parts of internal manufactured automotives, few parts of subway wagons and services of Cathodic Electrophoresis paintings.
Reference to latent and potential facilities of this company, it should be mentioned that this company is one of most powerful internal companies in manufacturing press parts in supply chains of important automotive and subway wagon manufacturers.

In generally, productions and services by this company are summorized as following:
- Press shop and stamping - Production of pressed assemblies - Cathodic Electrophoresis painting services

AIDCO PRESS Company Certificates:
1- ISO TS 16949:2002
2- SUR system solidification in auto parts (Survey plan- UEP-Reactivity)
3- EFQM (Organization Excellency Model) Establishment
4- Establishment of Quality system and achieving C grade from Pars Renault
5- Establishment of Quality system and achieving B grade from SAIPA Sazeh Gostar
6- Establishment of Sapco 86 quality system and achieving A grade
7- Establishment of quality system and achieving A grade from SAIPA Behengam Afarin Co.