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Abilities and Capabilities

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AIDCO Capabilities and Abilities :

  • joint cooperation experiences with well-known car manufactures in purpose of motorcycle and car production inside of the country. 
  • Cooperation with well-known motorcycle and car manufactures in importation field and establishing distributor networks, sales and after sales services.
  • Using our production sites in overseas in purpose of producing new products.  
  • Implementation of assembly line, body and painting shop inside or out side of Iran with cooperation of SAIPA group.
  • Supplying of OEM parts for overseas companies.
  • Supplying spare parts with tracking possibility of products from place ordering to delivery to customers.
  • Logistics management for domestic and international companies with online tracking capability of consignments.
  • Investment and cooperation in high tech projects.
  • Supplying Cradle of 206 and 207 Peugeot by AIDCO press.
  • Designing and manufacturing all type of metal dies through AIDCO press Co.
  • Producing all type of composite brake pads for required products of domestic and international car manufactures and spares parts market through Lent Parsian Pishrow Industries.
  • Supplying spare parts of Logan (L90)
  • Designing and manufacturing of various type of vehicle chassis dies with high quality.
  • Manufacturing all type of parts(G1, G2, G3, G4) based on customers dies.
  • Manufacturing cast iron products such as cylinder block, flange, all type of brake drum, disk brake, disk clutch, cylinder and T calipers and Aluminum products such as cylinder head, manifold and car wheel rims.
  • Producing copper and brass radiators with plastic tanks , aluminum Radiators, inter cooler , after cooler, Expand Aluminum radiators , sub cool  condenser , third generation operator (Parallel Flow
  • Producing glass of Xantia , Rio , Tiba and  Quarter glass of Pride.
  • Manufacturing all type of parabolic spring, leaf spring, stabilizer, Torsion bar, coil spring, rail clips and U-bolt.