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About us

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Automotive Industries Development Company :

Automotive Industries Development Company (Investment Holding Company) known as AIDCO was Established in 1985 under the name "Technical Service Development Company".

In year 2001, in order to develop the activities relevant to the automotive industry and in particular joint cooperation’s with IRAN KHODRO and SAIPA company which are a biggest car manufacture in IRAN, the Company’s name was changed to "Automotive Industries Development Co" and company’s activity was started with 1350 Billion Rials (56 Million USD) registered capital.

The reason we exist:

for implementation of government fourth development plan regarding auto industry and to make auto industry more competitive by gradual reduction of customs tariffs from 175% to 50% ,  production of autos with common platform but different body parts and trim in cooperation with an international auto manufacturer was assigned to Iran auto manufacturers by Renovation and Development Organization.

This plan is made in tune with following strategies:

Regional and global strategies of the industries covered by the organization, including the automotive industry

Iran Khodro and Saipa strategic partnership between the two groups for low price auto products which can compete with well known brands in international markets.

AIDCO’s Annals:

1985-Established under the name "Technical Service Development Company“(private joint-stocks)

2000-The company name was changed to development industrial researches (private joint-stocks)

2001-The company name was changed to Automotive Industries Development Co. (private joint-stocks) with acronym AIDCO

2001-Design. Production and Export of 80,000 units of UAZ Dashboard to Russian Federation with investment of 5,000,000 Euro.

2002-Bought of  AIDCO PRESS share with capital  42.135.369 USD

2002-Establishing a joint-venture in purpose of  formed Renault Pars Company with capital 95.936.843 USD

2006-Establishing a joint-venture in purpose of  formed Venirauto with capital 15.643.231 USD

2010-Bought Lent Parsian Pishrow company  share with capital 5.714.535 USD

Our sharehoders:

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